Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 Months

This month's photo shoot proved challenging for a number of reasons, but the one most relevant to you is that you kept trying to do sit ups and would get upset that you couldn't! We are definitely not there yet buddy :). You are truly a happy baby. Almost all who meet you comment on that exact thing almost immediately. You are such a smiley and sweet little guy and your favorite thing is just to smile and coo back and forth with people. Three days before your three-month birthday you started rolling over (tummy to back). You've never been a fan of tummy time, but on the day you rolled over you had a much different look on your face. It was as though you knew you were going to do it the whole time :). You still aren't the best sleeper, but the good news is that this isn't our first rodeo. We know that eventually you'll sleep more when you're ready. It could be better, but it could be so. much. worse. so we're not complaining :D. Three months has absolutely flown by. At the same time, I try to remember our "routine" before you blessed our family, but it all really seems like the distant past and that you have always been here with us. I cannot believe you are no longer a newborn and are on your way to ticking off all of those first year milestones. I feel like that should be for older babies!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harris - 2 months

Oh yea. That's right. It's September 17 and I'm actually getting this blog up on his ACTUAL 2 month birthday. What do I win?

Harris, you are such a cutie pie. This month has brought with it the smiles and coos and I love getting to see little glimpses of your developing personality. You seem quite content to hang out much of the time and you love when you actually get some one on one attention from mommy or daddy. That being said, you also love to watch your sister dance around you while you are playing in your floor gym. You, like your sister, hate the car. She really hated it most when we were stopped. You, on the other hand are either great in the car or ANGRY at the car. It's starting to get a little better, but I've ordered you your own tiny noise machine to travel with you in the hopes that it will help you feel more settled. We actually left you for the first time overnight at Mimi and Poppy's house this past weekend. I won't lie, it was tough. But, we all survived :). We love you little doodle bug.

Current 2 month stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz (20th percentile)
Height: 22 3/4 inches (44th percentile)
FOC: 16 inches (93rd percentile)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Harris is 1 month

Let's just pretend it hasn't been close to a year since I last blogged and that I had documented life including my daughter's 2nd birthday, my pregnancy, our remodeling adventures, and Harris's birth, shall we? Yes? Good. Oh. And let's also pretend that this is closer to his 1 month birthday than his 2 month.

You looked so much like your sister when you were born. But there are already big differences coming through in your little personality. So far, you may be our more easy going one. We shall see how that continues to unravel, but I'm predicting that you will be a bit more low-key than your big sister! You are precious and so very loved. Your big sister absolutely adores you. She will walk up to you, boop your nose, give you a kiss, pat your head, or give you a smother hug and say, "you are so precious" or "i love you sooooo much." It is so wonderful to watch. You have a built in friend, protector, and buddy! I imagine your relationship won't always be kisses and hugs, but I am so thankful for this bond that you two will share. You seem to be most content when you get to be close to mommy and the Solly wrap has definitely become one of my best friends. People are always amazed as we walk around the grocery store, bookstores, church, etc that there is a tiny baby snuggled in there. Well, maybe not tiny. Your newborn clothes were packed up at 3 weeks! We didn't have a one month pediatrician appointment, but you had certainly already packed on some good chub in the first few weeks of your life :).

The first month truly was a blur with getting settled as a new family of four, but it already seems like you have always been here!

Mommy photo shoot fail

So many lessons to learn as a mom in general, but definitely so many to learn as a mom of two! Our first sibling shoot (July 24) was an utter fail due to my intense lack of patience and understanding with our poor Anna Kate. The results follow:

This was the best photo we got that day, but a much needed conviction on my heart was truly the best outcome.

Harris's arrival

In pictures for now, but hopefully his birth story to be added at a later date!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Washington Corridor Bucket List

Our house is under contract! Yayayayayay! No more cleaning like a mad woman every time we leave the house, no more chasing a toddler around saying don't touch this or that. It's time to get back to living and letting others live :D! We have been in this house our entire marriage and our entire parenthood (thus far), so in a way, we will be sad to leave this place. But in so many other ways, we are ready to move on. Before we go, there are a few favorite spots we need to hit and a few spots that I've planned on hitting and never have. Let's start the list:

1. That thrift store. What's the name? Anyway...that one.
2. BRC. Been there for drinks, but never eats.
3. Westheimer antique shops. Been, but it's fun to stroll with the fam.
4. Dolce Vita - yuuuum.
5. J. Blacks
6. Memorial Park picnics
7. Bayou walks
8. Laredo Taqueria breakfast tacos

I'll update with pics when each item is crossed off the list and there very well may be more added once I consult the hubby. I know it's the season for Fall bucket lists, but there isn't time for both and we've already been to a pumpkin patch :).

Friday, September 21, 2012

Zoo with cousins!

Super fun day at the zoo with cousins:

Caterpillar "exhibit" ;)

She ADORES her cousins. Adores them. I can't get over how much fun she has with them and how crazy excited she gets when I mention that we get to go play with them. She had so much fun running around the zoo hand in hand with Liam. There was running, jumping, chatting. It's also pretty handy that if she won't follow me, I can always get her to come running if I ask her to go get the boys. She'll run off yelling , "boys!" Just the best. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Oops. I completely forgot to blog about Colorado. It was a very much needed time away and a wonderful time to explore and be together as a family. No more words. Lots of pictures.

Right now

These are right now things I want to remember about you. The way you:
  • Say "I I lub you too," "I I lub mommy," and "I I lub daddy"
  • Tell the whole world that mommy goes pee pee or poo poo when we're in a public restroom :)
  • Hide behind the chair in your room when it's time for a diaper change or some other thing you don't want to happen
  • Snuggle in bed with us in the morning. Absolute favorite part of the day
  • Kiss both of my cheeks
  • Wave hi to so many people whenever we're out and about
  • Know and LOVE your cousins. And get so very sad whenever we have to leave them
  • Tell me it's "Mommy turn" when we're at a park, coloring, dancing, and anxiously wait for me to take my turn
  • Spout off letters, numbers, and colors from the back seat when we're driving
  • Learn!! I love that you just tell me what you're ready to learn next. Body parts - check. Animals - check. ABC's - check. Numbers - check. Now it's time for colors! I love your curiosity and the delight you take in finding out more about the world around you. 
  • Have to be completely naked to sit on the potty :D. No successful pees or poos in the potty yet, but you do insist quite often on getting naked and sitting there ;)
  • Ask "why?" I thought this stage came later, but you are definitely wanting to know why a lot these days!
  • Name your people. Sometimes I think you get a little tired of it just being you and mommy, so you start naming all of your people
  • Love dinosaurs. Love them. And roar like them. We had to take away Dino Dan (TV show) b/c the little bugger lies to his parents, but I let you watch Dinosaur Train sometimes as a substitute and we got you some dinosaur magnets that you love
  • Role play with your baby. You'll change her diaper, take her for walks, and put her down for a nap. Sometimes I catch you telling her "no no no" or "don't." Sounds like someone (points finger at self) should make sure her tone is loving during correction! 
  • Squish your nose up when you say "ouch" for something that doesn't realllllly hurt, but requires a kiss to make it better
  • Say "thanks" and "thank you" without being prompted when we give you a snack or your milk
Oh my goodness the list goes on and on. Even on difficult days, you always bring a smile to my face with your sweet and spunky personality!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have a dream of our house being a true home. A place where our kids feel like they can play, create, make mistakes, shelter. I want them to take part in the upkeep of our home, but not to make it pretty. Just to keep the dream a reality. I want a room chock full of beds to fit so many cousins and friends. I want a place in our home to continuously hang inspiring verses, words, drawings. An ever-changing wall. A wall that grows with our family and tells where we are and where we have been to friends who visit.

I know I am definitely a study in contradictions. I really do love design and have a pretty definite idea of what I like in a home, a room. But I need to remember and be reminded of my real dream. My heart's real desire. And that is a place where we can build traditions and memories. Not a place that always needs to look like a magazine page. Maybe I can visit those places and admire their work :).

We have some changes coming to our lives in the next few months. One of which is selling our current home, our first home as a family, and embarking on finding that true home where we grow, love, live. If all goes according to plan (and I think God's timing is perfect and working for our good in a lot of different situations right now), we'll stay in my old townhouse for a few months while we find that new place. It will be a nice few months of living more simply.

Just a little inspiration pic:

via Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House / Urban Grace Interiors