Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Right now

These are right now things I want to remember about you. The way you:
  • Say "I I lub you too," "I I lub mommy," and "I I lub daddy"
  • Tell the whole world that mommy goes pee pee or poo poo when we're in a public restroom :)
  • Hide behind the chair in your room when it's time for a diaper change or some other thing you don't want to happen
  • Snuggle in bed with us in the morning. Absolute favorite part of the day
  • Kiss both of my cheeks
  • Wave hi to so many people whenever we're out and about
  • Know and LOVE your cousins. And get so very sad whenever we have to leave them
  • Tell me it's "Mommy turn" when we're at a park, coloring, dancing, and anxiously wait for me to take my turn
  • Spout off letters, numbers, and colors from the back seat when we're driving
  • Learn!! I love that you just tell me what you're ready to learn next. Body parts - check. Animals - check. ABC's - check. Numbers - check. Now it's time for colors! I love your curiosity and the delight you take in finding out more about the world around you. 
  • Have to be completely naked to sit on the potty :D. No successful pees or poos in the potty yet, but you do insist quite often on getting naked and sitting there ;)
  • Ask "why?" I thought this stage came later, but you are definitely wanting to know why a lot these days!
  • Name your people. Sometimes I think you get a little tired of it just being you and mommy, so you start naming all of your people
  • Love dinosaurs. Love them. And roar like them. We had to take away Dino Dan (TV show) b/c the little bugger lies to his parents, but I let you watch Dinosaur Train sometimes as a substitute and we got you some dinosaur magnets that you love
  • Role play with your baby. You'll change her diaper, take her for walks, and put her down for a nap. Sometimes I catch you telling her "no no no" or "don't." Sounds like someone (points finger at self) should make sure her tone is loving during correction! 
  • Squish your nose up when you say "ouch" for something that doesn't realllllly hurt, but requires a kiss to make it better
  • Say "thanks" and "thank you" without being prompted when we give you a snack or your milk
Oh my goodness the list goes on and on. Even on difficult days, you always bring a smile to my face with your sweet and spunky personality!

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Tammy Harms said...

She is so stinking cute!