Thursday, August 23, 2012


I have a dream of our house being a true home. A place where our kids feel like they can play, create, make mistakes, shelter. I want them to take part in the upkeep of our home, but not to make it pretty. Just to keep the dream a reality. I want a room chock full of beds to fit so many cousins and friends. I want a place in our home to continuously hang inspiring verses, words, drawings. An ever-changing wall. A wall that grows with our family and tells where we are and where we have been to friends who visit.

I know I am definitely a study in contradictions. I really do love design and have a pretty definite idea of what I like in a home, a room. But I need to remember and be reminded of my real dream. My heart's real desire. And that is a place where we can build traditions and memories. Not a place that always needs to look like a magazine page. Maybe I can visit those places and admire their work :).

We have some changes coming to our lives in the next few months. One of which is selling our current home, our first home as a family, and embarking on finding that true home where we grow, love, live. If all goes according to plan (and I think God's timing is perfect and working for our good in a lot of different situations right now), we'll stay in my old townhouse for a few months while we find that new place. It will be a nice few months of living more simply.

Just a little inspiration pic:

via Coastal Living Ultimate Beach House / Urban Grace Interiors 

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Chrissy said...

you never cease to inspire me. thanks for giving me a more beautiful perspective.