Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Harris - 2 months

Oh yea. That's right. It's September 17 and I'm actually getting this blog up on his ACTUAL 2 month birthday. What do I win?

Harris, you are such a cutie pie. This month has brought with it the smiles and coos and I love getting to see little glimpses of your developing personality. You seem quite content to hang out much of the time and you love when you actually get some one on one attention from mommy or daddy. That being said, you also love to watch your sister dance around you while you are playing in your floor gym. You, like your sister, hate the car. She really hated it most when we were stopped. You, on the other hand are either great in the car or ANGRY at the car. It's starting to get a little better, but I've ordered you your own tiny noise machine to travel with you in the hopes that it will help you feel more settled. We actually left you for the first time overnight at Mimi and Poppy's house this past weekend. I won't lie, it was tough. But, we all survived :). We love you little doodle bug.

Current 2 month stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 12 oz (20th percentile)
Height: 22 3/4 inches (44th percentile)
FOC: 16 inches (93rd percentile)

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