Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Harris is 1 month

Let's just pretend it hasn't been close to a year since I last blogged and that I had documented life including my daughter's 2nd birthday, my pregnancy, our remodeling adventures, and Harris's birth, shall we? Yes? Good. Oh. And let's also pretend that this is closer to his 1 month birthday than his 2 month.

You looked so much like your sister when you were born. But there are already big differences coming through in your little personality. So far, you may be our more easy going one. We shall see how that continues to unravel, but I'm predicting that you will be a bit more low-key than your big sister! You are precious and so very loved. Your big sister absolutely adores you. She will walk up to you, boop your nose, give you a kiss, pat your head, or give you a smother hug and say, "you are so precious" or "i love you sooooo much." It is so wonderful to watch. You have a built in friend, protector, and buddy! I imagine your relationship won't always be kisses and hugs, but I am so thankful for this bond that you two will share. You seem to be most content when you get to be close to mommy and the Solly wrap has definitely become one of my best friends. People are always amazed as we walk around the grocery store, bookstores, church, etc that there is a tiny baby snuggled in there. Well, maybe not tiny. Your newborn clothes were packed up at 3 weeks! We didn't have a one month pediatrician appointment, but you had certainly already packed on some good chub in the first few weeks of your life :).

The first month truly was a blur with getting settled as a new family of four, but it already seems like you have always been here!

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