Sunday, July 01, 2012

19 months

Wow. I know that at each stage, I am going to be in wonder of so many different things, but this is just such a fun and amazing age! You are learning so many new things each day and trying out new ways to communicate and play. Each day brings a handful of new words, new dances, new pretend play, new discoveries. You've really taken to playing with dolls in the past few weeks. Putting them in strollers, feeding them, trying to get clothes on and off, dancing with them, patting their backs, rocking them. It's neat to watch you figure out your own world through pretend play with dolls. I imagine it must be pretty tough to have someone (your mommy or daddy) dictating pretty much most of what you do, eat, wear. It's probably a pretty nice change to be able to be in charge of your dolls :).

You've started saying "Mommy" and "Daddy" now instead of "Mama" and "Dada." I'm not gonna lie, it kind of melts our hearts :). After dinner, you'll often run to the stairs and say "bath." And when it's time for night night, you point to your teeth, say "brush teeth," and run to the gate to go upstairs. You seem to like your routine :).

One day recently, you hit your foot on something and started whining a little bit. I asked you if you wanted me to kiss your foot to make it better and you ran over and lifted your foot. Often when you hurt yourself a little (even if it's not your foot), you come running over and lift your foot for me to kiss. It cracks me up and I love the little smile you have on your face when I'm covering your foot in kisses. You've started to tickle us back and tickle your dolls too. Your little fingers strum lightly over our backs, tummies, feet, and we giggle much more at the sweetness that is you than actually being tickled!

You still love your books, especially if you get to roar like a lion or meow like a kitty. ABC's are becoming a favorite of yours too. If you see a letter, you'll usually say "A" "P" or "R" (we have a few monogrammed "R" things around the house). Those appear to be your favorite letters so far. Last night after dinner, you repeated all of the letters up to "R" after your Daddy. I think you were tired after all the effort and just couldn't bring yourself to finish! Often times, we'll get a request for "AB?" or "up above?" and we'll start singing your two seemingly favorite songs.

A few recent pictures (taken at 18 months...and of course I kept meaning to write this update to coincide with the pictures!)

Starting to get into dressing up. And saying "peek boo" while lifting the sunglasses up and down :). 

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