Friday, April 27, 2012


We are so incredibly blessed to have such sweet and giving friends! Our friends, Tom and Kim, generously offered to let us use their beautiful house in Rockport for a few days. We took them up on it a few weeks ago and it was such a nice getaway for our family. This was actually the first time we have gotten away as just a family of three! Our trip also marked Anna Kate's first "real" trip to the beach! We took her last year, but it was soooooo hot that we just snapped some pictures and left quickly thereafter. AK had such a fun time shoveling sand, chasing seagulls, and wading in the water with Daddy. Although...the seagulls soon became her nemesis. They were BOLD. I brought out some crackers for AK (yes, NOW I know not to do that in the future!) and they would not stay away. One even flew by and snatched one out of my hand! She climbed in my lap, hugging me tight and yelled "NO!" while shaking her finger at the seagulls. It was a pretty funny scene :).


Miss Independent

Blue Steel

Hiding in Mom's arms from the seagulls

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Tammy Harms said...

Precious. So glad you guys got to get away :)