Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why hello, 2012

Even writing the post title, I wrote "2010" first. Had to backspace. Oh right, the point of this post is 2012.

As I was jogging a few weeks ago, a thought struck me. I'm not typically a resolution person. But this one didn't seem like my idea. And when God puts an fully thought out idea in my head, I think it's in my best interest to go ahead and listen/do :D.

So here we go. Each month of 2012 (there are twelve of them in case you're wondering), I am going to fast from something that, by my actions, I place of higher importance than spending time with/growing my relationship with God.

January = Fast from any TV during the day. I don't spend much time watching TV during the day, but I do turn on Good Morning America first thing while my baby girl sits in my lap drinking milk. And I do occasionally watch a recorded TV show during her afternoon nap. Instead, that time will be spent in the Word, praying, and meditating on God's will for my (current) mission as a wife and mother.

I don't have all twelve fasts decided quite yet, but I have zero doubt that as the year goes on, God will reveal any and all things I put above Him. So far I have (He has) identified: Facebook, non-Christ centered blog reading, Pinterest, shopping for myself (including online browsing), and working out. Yea, I know. That last one is kind of confusing to me too. But it is there. I do spend more time working out than I do in His Word. I think I have come up with a good idea on that one though.

I do not think any of those things mentioned above are bad in-and-of themselves. I DO think spending more time engaged/placing higher importance in/on those activities than I spend with my Savior is bad. Life-threatening really.

Here's to 2012. Ha :). I did it again. 2010.

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Tammy Harms said...

Such a great idea, and I am copying you :)