Sunday, October 02, 2011

10 months!

Goodness, what to say about our sweet little 10-month old?! You are such a precious, precious baby girl and an amazing gift from God!

You are doing so many new things that it's hard to keep up! You are absolutely zooming around the house with the aid of the radio flyer walker we borrowed from the Harmsi clan and you love to walk the perimeter of the couches/tables in the living room. You can stand on your own for a few seconds, but when you realize you are standing without mom or dad, you promptly sit down on your bum :). I'm pretty sure you aren't lacking in ability, you're just a bit cautious and want to be sure you do it right when you decide to take those first steps! aren't very cautious in most other things. You can climb all the stairs and didn't seem hesitant at all. Once I opened the gate for you; up you went (with me closely trailing you of course)! You will climb all over the couch and I have to be very careful not to leave anything close to tables that would enable you to climb on top or you would in a heartbeat!

You love pulling all of your toys out of your baskets and then choosing which one you want to play with. Your current favorites are a tiny stuffed Piglet and a plastic car. You'll crawl around the living room with Piglet in your mouth and it cracks. me. up.

The weather is FINALLY starting to cool off (crazy hot summer/drought), and we are able to get out so much more! We are starting a new tradition (two weeks in a row now) of Friday night picnics. I think you enjoy them as much as we do! We're also able to take you jogging with us again and you completed your first 5 miles on Saturday :). With our ability to be outside more often has come your introduction to swings. I think you're in love :).

You really love people; and people seem to really love you :). It doesn't matter where we are; you always look around and get so excited when someone stops to talk to you. You flash the BEST smile and I melt every time!

You still love to eat whatever your mom and dad are eating, but you're also letting us feed you a bit again. You're definitely a great helper though, and have started bringing the spoon (held by mom or dad) to your mouth. You prefer eating fruit from mom or dad (bites off of the fruit we're eating as opposed to us cutting it up for you), but that's ok; we think it's pretty cute!

2 more months until you are a ONE. YEAR. OLD. I cannot believe it.

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