Monday, September 05, 2011

9 Months? 9 Months

Do you know what that means? You've been an "outside baby" for as long as you were an "inside baby". Wow.

I love you. And it's dawning on me more and more that a) you can't possibly understand that love until you hold your own baby boy or girl; b) that I have a world of hurt in store over the next many years; and c) that I'm just a little bit closer to understanding God's love for me; for you; for mankind. That last one is tricky though. By a little bit, I mean a LITTLE bit. Too easily I become frustrated when you are fussy or asserting your independence. Do I still love you? Absolutely and without a doubt. Is it conditional? Nope. Not even a little bit. But His love is far far greater than this huge love that fills my heart for you. And that humbles me.

Speaking of you asserting your independence. You love doing things on your own! And I mostly love that you love it. That makes me so excited (and frankly a bit terrified) for your future. We've figured out a trick recently during meal-times. If we are feeding you something that needs to be spoon-fed, we'll give you a few finger foods to keep you busy so you'll be more likely to accept food from us. Otherwise, you try to smack the spoon out of our hands :). One of your absolute favorite things to do is munch on a pear or plum if your mom or dad is snacking on one. You'll see it from a room away and come sprinting in so you can get some too! You have two little bottom teeth that are just adorable. They were a bit of a chore to come in, but now that they are here, you're loving getting some use out of them and pretty much eating anything and everything we put in front of you!

You aren't too independent yet, though :). We've been going through just a touch of separation anxiety, but you seem to cheer up pretty quickly when the folks at the nursery give you enough attention or a fun toy.

Two days ago, as we were about to take your 9 month photos, you decided it was high time to start clapping. You've loved watching your Dad and me clap and say "yayyyyyy" to you and today you looked so proud when you clapped back with us!

You babble up a storm and a few of your favorites are "abepf" and "aybay". "Abepf" seems to make its appearance most often when you are happy. "Aybay" can go either way :). I'm also pretty sure you're trying to say "up" when you want to be picked up, but time will tell on that one.

Your Aunt Tammy let us borrow their radio flyer walker after your tin can walking video :), and you're having a ball with it. I think you're a lot more stable than you give yourself credit for; it's just a matter of your confidence catching up with your ability.

We went to the doctor for your 9 month check-up which included a few vaccines closely followed by your first fever :(. That was no fun.

Height: 28 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 15 lbs, 12 ounces (5th percentile)

Tiny, but mighty :). Don't worry though, you have plenty of sweet little rolls to keep you insulated!

The rest of our photo shoot can be found here, but there are definitely a lot fewer than in previous months because you do. not. sit. still. If you're awake, you are GOING!

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Allie said...

yep, she will keep you busy that's for sure! She is adorable!