Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amen and "walking"

Last night before dinner, Sam prayed, then Liam prayed, and then Colson prayed. I guess Anna Kate was feeling a bit left out, because when Liam said "Amen!" after his prayer, Anna Kate also said "Amen." Reece doesn't think we can count that as a first word, but we have quite a few witnesses that heard it plain as day :). Aunt Tammy will disagree on first word timing and say AK said "Hi!" and waved at her a few weeks ago. And maybe that happened, but this is also my first rodeo and I'm not quite sure what counts :).

AK is also improvising different things around the house into walkers. My parents bought us some Lincoln Logs a few years ago to have at the house for when my nephews come to visit, and that is her current walker of choice:

I keep thinking we should maybe buy her an actual walker, but they all have wheels! I think at this stage, Lincoln Logs and Pampers boxes offer the right amount of friction and the least amount of head-bonk possibilities :).

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