Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Liam Monkey and Colson Bear

I realized when scrolling to the bottom of my blog that the last you have seen of my nephew (1 of 1 at the time) was his cute little 3 month old round head. Well...the round head remains, but now he's a growing and strapping boy of 4! (oh wait I mean 2 - he just looks 4).

And that's not all! My sis and bro-in-law have added a less round-headed, but just as adorable new little one to the mix (2 of 2)! Introducing Colson bear (as my sister calls him):

My favorite Liam things:

1. He calls me 'Ra' and Reece 'Re'
2. Kisses from him = squeezed shut eyes, a cute little smile, and 'mmmmmm' (his kissing noise)
3. Getting to watch him learn and try new things each time I see him and very soon getting to see that more often! (They are moving to Houston - yayayayayayay!)

My favorite Colson things:

1. The BEST baby laugh ever
2. He loooves smiling and cooing at you. I don't think he could ever get enough of the smile game!
3. See # 3 above - getting to see him more often soon!

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