Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's mine is mine, what's ours is mine

We had an absolutely amazing time in Italy. The wine, the food, the people, the wine...it was all perfect! I became a gnocchi connoisseur and made it my personal mission to sample and rate gnocchi from each city and region in Italy. In case you are curious the best was in Florence - 4 cheese gnocchi - yuuum.

Reece made it his personal mission to take as many pictures as humanly possible (evidence of this is visible at www.reeceandandria.zenfolio.com) and speak Italian as often as he could. The first goal was definitely accomplished. The second was certainly admirable albeit humorous to watch. [Side note: it's important to include that he was the responsible one on the trip (in charge of our itinerary, making sure he knew where we were going/staying, ordering food & train tickets, etc). I was mainly along for the ride.] That being said, Reece's attempt at speaking Italian manifested itself in a few different ways. 1. Success! Actually communicating w/ others his intended message and interpreting theirs. 2. A variation of speaking Italian with a Spanish accent or Spanish (when the Italian word was unknown) with an Italian accent. 3. Asking the waiter if they speak English only to proceed in Italian. This one got him a few puzzled looks.

My personal favorite memory from the trip involved grapefruit juice. We stayed at a beautiful B&B type place in Vernazza (pic above is the view from one of our windows) and they stocked our refrigerator with 2 beers, 2 waters and 2 grapefruit juices daily. On our last morning, we grabbed the 2 waters and 2 grapefruit juices for our train ride to Milan. We drank 1 water at the train station and 1 on the train w/ our picnic lunch. When we arrived in Milan at our hotel, Reece laid down and took a nap while I snacked on our leftovers. I searched in his backpack for 'my' grapefruit juice only to find one. So...I took a few guilty sips thinking this was my husband's juice. When Reece woke up a short while later, I sheepishly told him I had a few sips of his juice. He looked at me in all seriousness and said 'Oh, no. I drank mine this morning, this one is ours!' Um. right. I see how that works :).

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ClintandGina said...

Wow! The pictures are AMAZING! Love the grapefruit juice story. After a year of marriage, I assure you that you will have many similar stories. It is really fun though!

I've added your blog to my page...so I can be more regular at checking yours. I love the whole blog thing...keep telling myself it is the mature version of my space.