Saturday, November 05, 2005

how we see ourselves

We find evidence supporting what we want to be. Instead of analyzing ourselves and our faults, we tend to search for evidence that we really are ______ (insert what you want to be here).
Wouldn't we possibly become what we desire to be if we spend more time analyzing and overcoming our shortcomings instead of pretending they don't exist? Do we really think we are so glorious that what everyone else thinks of us couldn't possibly have any bearing or truth?
For instance, I tend to think I'm right about...well...pretty much everything. I know that when others portray this characteristic that it drives me batty. turn...I must occasionally drive people batty as well! Now that I have noticed this about myself I can take actions to step off my high horse and realize that (gasp!) others have expertise and experience that may outweigh my own! Not only that, but much do I have to gain by being right? Frustrating someone? Damaging a relationship? Not that I will roll over and not state my viewpoint or opinion, but it can be done in a manner that will preserve the relationship and that is what ultimately matters.

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