Wednesday, August 17, 2005

another note to self

I have always been attracted to the guy that needs saving. The one that needs me to validate that he is a man and to build him up. Only it isn't my job to save him - it's God's - and the man's job to let God save him. Of course I want a relationship where building each other up is inherent, but not allowing that to be what sustains me. John and Stasi Eldridge put it very well in 'Wild at Heart' and 'Captivating' that we must not bring our question to 'Adam' or 'Eve' but to God. If we rely on a man to answer the question - 'Am I lovely?' we will always be disappointed and seeking for a man - any man - to validate that we are lovely. And in any way.

God has already answered that question for me - now it's just up to me to believe it.

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