Tuesday, July 26, 2005

call me honey...i dare you

But really - what am I going to do about it? Nothing - that's right - nothing. Besides possibly complain to someone over IM that yet another person just 'honeyed' or 'sweethearted' or 'sweetieed' or 'darlinged' me. I think I would be better equipped to deal with it if it were someone I knew or came in contact with on a regular basis. I could take that person aside and say 'You know - I don't really enjoy being called honey. Thank you. Have a lovely day.'

However, it's the random person on the phone, the student, the community member - the 'onetimer'(you run into them once and will most likely not have future contact) that sweethearts you. I realize I sound young - am young - but you called me looking for information or assistance which I give you, so why are you treating me like a little girl with a pink frilly dress and pigtails licking a lollipop?

Does it bother me b/c I feel like I have something to prove? I think maybe it does. I have spent a large part of my life trying to seem older/more responsible than typical of my age...so maybe it just puts a bit of a ding in what I try to be. Regardless - I am 25 (yes I am aware that is young) not 10 - so don't call me honey.

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totaltrust said...


you seem a little hot under the collar...

see you tonight, sweetheart

miss you kittens,