Wednesday, June 22, 2005


(As written in a journal 5/30/05 - I forgot I had a blog!)
How incredible that God continues to prove faithful in His never changing ways. He is constant and constantly loving. I pray that throughout my years I will continue to see that all things in my life are for His purpose which is ultimately good. I thank God for the trials he has placed in my life - for through these I have grown in peace, faith, happiness and knowledge. He is strengthening me for His purpose and I pray that I continue to seek His will through life's valleys and peaks. How interesting that some are able to learn from other's wisdom and other's mistakes while some have stubborn herats and must learn their own mistakes (others still that do not learn at all, but that is another subject entirely). I do hope and pray that someday I will be the former and heed the advice of the wise. For how can I presume that my plan could possibly surpass that of God's plan?
'Glory in his holy name;
let the hearts of those who seek the
Lord rejoice
Look to the Lord and his strengths
seek his face always'
Psalm 105:3-4

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Tammy said...

yay! andria's blogging again!

love you!