Friday, July 29, 2011

Princess Power

I am sure I am going to get a lot of flack for this post (maybe not in actual writing, but plenty of silent judging), but I am truly scared out of my mind about all of this princess business.

I have a beautiful little girl. But I want her to know she is beautiful for who she is; not for her hair, her body, or her clothes. I want to help cultivate the beauty within her that God created. I want so many things for her. I hope she lives to serve; not be served. I hope her heart jumps for joy when giving; not when she gets. I feel like this culture of princess that has invaded little girl-dom is so detrimental to the nurturing of these characteristics. And I've struggled with writing this post because I know plenty of sweet, beautiful little girls who adore all things princess. But it puts me in a panic when I think of my own little girl. I want her to be a child. To run and jump and get dirty. To experience the joy in all that God has created in nature and not be afraid to rumple her clothes. Don't get me wrong, I do want her to be a girl and to embrace God's plan for her in that role, but can't she just be a child for a little while before getting to that?

As to how we are going to handle the princess situation as she grows and (maybe) starts wanting to partake in all of that? I have absolutely no idea. I can sit here typing right now and say "Nope. No princess paraphernalia in our house," but I know that's easier said than done.

From a post [here] I read earlier today:
"I don't want my daughter to resent me because I didn't let her drink sugar water with red dye in it, or let her wear makeup when she is 4, or dress up like a princess because it's her job to be pretty. When the kids are outside playing in the pool, or fishing at the lake, or outside in general just rolling around in grass or splashing in puddles I feel like they can just be kids. I feel like we are all happiest. None of this requires toys, or an appropriate color scheme or movie theme, it's just fun. They get to just play. So I suppose we will stay outside"

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