Friday, July 15, 2011

7 (and a half) months

Wow. This one is late late! We started out the monthly photo/blog update by taking AK's monthly pictures a few days late. Then, my sister had her third little boy, Silas Thomas Harms, on July 1! That weekend was mostly spent either at the hospital or catching up from being no blog post that weekend! Monday morning rolled around and I was sitting at the computer checking out a few of my usual blogs, and had my coffee cup sitting right next to the computer. We all know what happens next. AK pulls up on my leg, so I reach down to grab her. Baby comes up, sees her favorite mug:

grabs favorite mug, coffee spills directly into the laptop (none on AK thankfully!), baby is promptly placed in her jumpy for safekeeping, and I frantically run around trying to dry out my computer. Somehow, my computer is back in action. I'm impressed!

Back to the update :). AK is moving and groooooving! She is such a busy little baby! She's crawling like crazy and pulling up on everything in sight. Her favorite things include: cords, vacuum cleaners, shoes, magazines, and anything and everything else she isn't supposed to play with :). The good news about this is she very quickly shows me what still needs to be babyproofed in any given room! I keep asking her to slow down, but she's reallllly not interested.

Her smile truly brightens my world. When I get her in the morning or from a nap, she gives me the biggest gummy smile and her sweet eyes just light up! She's having so much fun with new sounds and inflections, and gets a huge kick when you to repeat her. She is so interested in other kids and people in general. While she typically doesn't sit still for more than 2.5 seconds, if there are other little kiddos around, she'll sit and watch them for a bit before trying to join right in the fun.

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