Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Months

Wow, 6 months! I can't believe our sweet little girl is 6 months old today. Wow. You, my dear daughter, are going to be a firecracker and I love it...wouldn't have it any other way! I adore watching you grow and develop and look forward to the coming months to have a chance for more glimpses into who you are going to be. You are definitely not an easy-going baby, but that's ok with me. You are so so determined in everything you are learning to do. This past month has amazed me, just like the months before, with how many new things you learn and start to master. You're sitting up on your own now which seems to have taken away some of your frustration with not being able to crawl yet. You also love to pull up on mom or dad to stand and see the world from a new perspective. So far you aren't pulling up on furniture yet, but your dad and I are thinking about lowering your crib in the next few days just to be one step ahead of you :).

Each morning, either your dad or I walk into your room and you reach out for us to pick you up. It is without a doubt, one of the sweetest times of our day. You start out the morning with a few coos and other noises, but those quickly give way to squeals and screams of delight. You're also babbling and have started saying "mamamamamom" which I like to think is you calling for me :), but I know that for now, it's just new sounds you're learning to put together. It's still pretty darn cute though :). You absolutely love to crawl all over your dad and pull on his face, ears, hair...anything you can grip between your sweet (yet strong!) fingers.

We've also introduced you to the world of solids and my goodness...you LOVE it! So far, sweet potatoes are probably your favorite, but you're a pretty big fan of acorn squash, apples, and avocados too. For whatever reason, I am getting a huge kick out of making your food for you and look forward to the combo meals I can start making for you as your food repertoire expands.

We're pretty sure you are quickly tiring of being a baby and want to move on to the big kid activities, but it's all still a bit beyond your 6 months here on this earth. Although it might be frustrating for you, we're glad that you will be our baby for at least a little bit longer. Quite honestly, I don't think we're as ready as you are for you not to be our little baby girl. I can't believe that all of this will seem so far in the past in just a few short months when you have mastered so many other new things. Until then, we'll just continue to treasure and try to absorb and enjoy these fleeting baby moments while they last.

6 month stats:
Weight - 14 lbs 8 oz (25th percentile)
Length: 26 1/4 inches (75th percentile)

Entire 6 month photo shoot here

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Tammy Harms said...

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