Tuesday, May 03, 2011

5 Months

Our 5 month photo shoot was a complete fail. Our sweet little bean loves looking at the camera, but she's so entranced by it, she just stares blankly at it! None of the cute faces/smiles/squeals she gives us in our normal, no-camera-pointing-at-her day. But...the good thing about our photo shoot fail is that we got to capture one that screams Anna Kate right now:

She is desperately trying to crawl. The second you put her down on her back anywhere, she flips right over and tries to crawl. And she gets so so very upset that she can't or that she's moving backwards. She sees a toy she wants, gets a "I'm going to get you toy" look on her face, and then scoots backwards. Poor thing. At first (early last week), she was using her head to propel her forward, but either she bumped her head too many times or she realized that wasn't quite the way to do it. So while she was angry that she couldn't crawl, at least she was getting to her desired location :).

I think we have a strong one on our hands. We always joke about my nephews' "I do it myself" phase and we feel like our little AK is starting this phase just a weeeeeee bit too early! She started eating oatmeal a few weeks ago and is no longer happy with her parents inserting the spoon. She grabs at it and guides it to her mouth. Same with her bottle. She'll grab the bottle (and your hands), pull it to her mouth, and then when she wants a break, she shoves it out a few inches.

You may recall in the 4 month post that I was having a rough go of it. Well, very quickly after that post, we figured out why our sweet little girl would scream at us at bedtime. Apparently she was done with the whole rocking her to sleep thing. I would be rocking my screaming little baby at bedtime while she craned her neck staring at her crib and I would say "I just wish I knew what you wanted!" Ha. Um. She wanted to be put down to fall asleep on her own. Hence the neck craning :).

One of her absolute favorite things right now is the wind. When we go for evening walks with her in her carrier (facing outwards), she gets the most surprised and then blissful look on her face when the wind blows. It's so precious to watch our little girl experience so many things for the first time and the sheer joy that goes along with new discoveries.

I'm sure there are other things I'm already forgetting about this month, but this will just have to do for now!

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Allie said...

It only gets better and better each week!! It is so amazing what you will be writing about in just a month from now! Such a fun time!!