Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our pile of goo and feeling like a failure

Today was our second time leaving the bean in the church nursery. And our second time picking up our poor little pile of goo. The lady asked if we had left her with many people before and that we should start earlier with our next one. Ooops. Apparently she would do ok and then any time she saw any of their faces, would melt into a pile of goo. And I do mean a pile of goo. Our little bean gets hot and sweaty FAST. So I'm feeling like a failure. Like I should have left her earlier. But she's always been like this, so maybe we just would have been dealing with our goo pile a few weeks ago instead of now. She's now sleeping  passed out in her car seat after her traumatic morning.
Reece thinks that most other babies are like this. I think the nursery folks wouldn't be saying the things they are if all the other babies are like this too. So now I know I need to leave her with people more often, but know that when I do, she will be upset the whole time, the caretakers will be upset the whole time, and I will be upset the whole time. That sounds neato.


Chrissy said...

Oh goodness, I can't tell you how many times I've been told by daycare or the nursery staff we should do x, y or z different. All I can say is parenting is really hard when the best thing for them is the thing neither of you wants. God will give you the grace you need to get through it, I have to remind myself of that daily!

Allie said...

Hey! Do not worry! She will adjust. Just give her some time to adjust to new faces. It will be hard, but she can do it! We have been paged a few times for our kiddos as they cannot calm down. You feel sorry for them (and I guess sorry for the caregivers) but honestly, they see tons of you are not the only one that has a crying baby! I promise!!! And do not let it bother you when someone tells you what you should or should not be doing. This will happen ALL OF THE TIME. Just take the advice or leave it. this is your baby so you know what is best! :) Hang in there!! We have ALL been there!!!

The Synnott's said...

We had to miss out
On church for over six months because the twins would cry the entire time and we would get paged. Do not feel like a failure! Many of us go through this! It will pass, I promise!!!

K.Scrap Girl said...

Oh my! Andria they told me the same thing at the nursery when I tried to leave Madison there during the Angels of Light. I was worried as well but do not be. This was the only experience Madison and I have had like this. Madison is not in day care and I stay home with her. It does not mean anything but what kind of Mommy you are. I think the child care people in the nursery are used to kids that are primarily in day care the majority of the time thus those kids are used to not getting as much attention.
It just takes a little bit of time for her to adjust. But please do not be worried it simply could mean that precious Anna Kate did not take to those child care people. Madison has stayed with others that were extremely loving and she did perfectly fine. So please I know what it is like to worry but she will be fine:) We should have a play date some time soon!

Tammy Harms said...

I can't believe they said that! 3 months is early enough to leave a baby with a complete stranger! You are not a failure! Many many parents go through this and she will adjust, it just might take time. Make sure they can page you, and they will if they need to!