Sunday, November 21, 2010

Anna Kate's Nursery

It's so hard to believe that within two weeks, I will hold our daughter in my arms for the first time. Our daughter. What an amazing responsibility and blessing God has chosen to send into our lives. There is absolutely no way I will ever begin to grasp the miracle of creation and how He has formed each of us in our mothers' wombs. How He knows Anna Kate and knows what she will be. Lord, please help us raise our sweet little girl to know and love you and to never tire of your wonders. It's such an appropriate time of year to welcome a little one to this world. Thanksgiving. The act of giving thanks; a prayer expressing gratitude, a public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness. His divine goodness. Lord, I pray in the coming weeks when sleep escapes us and we feel overwhelmed and lost, that we look to you and praise you for your divine goodness. That you have chosen us as Anna Kate's parents for a reason. That with your strength and help, we will be able to guide your daughter to know you. And that we choose to treasure each and every moment parenthood brings our way.

Ahhh - now back to the title of this post :). Finally a few pictures of Miss Anna Kate's nursery. We're still missing the bedding unfortunately, but hopefully that will come early this week and I will be able to update the pics.

Antique cup and saucer display from my parents now used to display adorable letter cards from my sister and other little keepsakes.

Marshalls find # 1 - cute linen covered mirror. Shelves to hold soon to come pictures of Anna Kate and adorable stuffed animal kitty and squirrel from my sis :).

Antique buffet that was refinished by my dad and Reece, painted ivory, and cute Anthropologie glass knobs added.

Glider where I'm sure I'll be spending plenty of time :) and Marshall's find #2 - fun lamp.

Crafty project by me - paper butterfly cutouts mounted in a shadowbox.

Just a few of AK's many many clothes :).

Close-up of Marshall's find #1 and shelves.

Ta da! Until bedding comes in and I update the pics :).


Tammy Harms said...

It is beautiful! Where are the butterflies? I missed them yesterday!

kristyo15 said...

LOVE it! Can't wait to hear how everything goes and see pictures of sweet Anna Kate! We'll be praying for a safe {and quick!} delivery! :)

Chrissy said...

Such a precious prayer and so excited to encourage one another on in this most divine thing called motherhood. Love you!

ClintandGina said...

The nursery is adorable....I love the details. What a blessed little girl Anna Kate will be.