Friday, July 17, 2009


This past weekend, Reece and I 'switched' lives with Tammy and Sam. They came down to stay in our casa to enjoy a weekend downtownish sans children and we headed out to the Woodlands to enjoy a weekend with our nephews.

Of course, we forgot our camera, so there will be random pictures of similar things to what my nephews may have been doing scattered throughout the post :).

Friday night was pretty uneventful - Liam and Colson went to sleep a bit later than usual, but hey - we're rookies, what can you expect :)?

Reece and I utilize 'man-on-man' defense when watching the nephews, so I get Liam and Reece gets Colson. So the next morning when Liam crawled into bed with us around 5:30am, I was on. We adhered to the schedule for the most part on Saturday and went to the park only 30ish minutes behind schedule. Once there, the kiddos were loaded up with bug spray and sunscreen and sent off to play. Since we were running a bit behind, I knew snack time would be coming during the park time, so I brought goldfish to tide the boys over. I instituted a 'sitting only' while eating goldfish rule, so Liam would randomly sit down wherever he was playing when he wanted some and then scoot around on his bottom, still sitting, but still moving towards some unknown destination with goldfish in hand :). Good stuff I'm tellin' you. I gave Liam a 5 minute warning and when it was time to go...I thought ooooohhhh dear, but after one little whine, we were off! SUCCESS!

Once back home, we made PB&J sandwiches and it was time for Colson's nap. Liam and I were off to paint in the backyard w/ his new paints. I've learned that I learn more about myself than kiddos when I'm w/ my nephews and this was no exception! Tammy had bought Liam some new paints and paintbrushes (many different colors), so as we opened the paint, the neuroses came out. I sat down to explain to my 3-year old nephew, I three year old nephew, that we needed to use the right color paint brush with the corresponding (yes, I used that word) paint color and we needed to make sure we didn't mix his new paints. Um. seriously? My sweeeeeet sweet nephew tried his best to accommodate his 'Chichia' and would "OH!" when he dipped the wrong brush in the wrong paint. Finally, I apologized to my poor sweet Liam and let him mix paints to his hearts' content :).

I tried to put Liam down for a nap at that point, but that didn't so much happen. We all played in his room for a bit and he showed Uncle Reece and Chichia his new trick. He has bunkbeds in his room, but the fan gets in the way of the top bunk. So, ever so expertly, Liam turned off the fan, waited for it to stop, and then climbed to the top bunk. It looked like he had done this a million times, so I made up my own rule - Liam can climb on the bunk as long as one of the adults was in the room with him :). I even climbed up there w/ him to enforce the new rule. However, after conferring with Tammy after the weekend was over, turns out it wasn't so much allowed. You're welcome Tammy and Sam :).

It also turns out a 3 year old and a 1.5 year old CANNOT play together. Each wants what the other has and that goes on for oh...forever :).

Since there was no nap for Mr. Liam, he PASSED out while I was finishing getting dinner ready (ready b/c Tammy had pre-made us enchiladas!) Liam was mumbling something in a chair in the kitchen of which I could understand not one word. He wasn't interested in sitting at the table for dinner, so the rest of us sat down. About 1 minute later, I look over and he was OUT. out. I brought him upstairs and man-handled him into a sleepy diaper (no way was I going to let him stay in underwear for 12 hours!)

The next morning at 5am, Liam comes into the guest room and gets into bed w/ me. He brought his new plane and whispered that he shouldn't be up until the sun came up. I couldn't agree more, but after 30 minutes of him playing plane on my arm, I decided it was time to start the day.

Tam and Sam came back around 8:30 and as we were handing off the kiddos, I said "This one needs a bath". Don't you wish you had an aunt like me to not bathe one kid and institute new dangerous rules in your absence? You know you do.


Chrissy said...

I'm so proud of you for blogging! Yea! You tell such good stories... you should seriously do this MUCH more often :)

Tammy said...

You guys are seriously the best. I am never leaving you a "schedule" again though. I can't believe you felt pressure to follow it... it was just supposed to be a "this is how our day sometimes goes" guide. I saved your little note welcoming us to your home & planned to take a picture of it for my "switcharoo" post but now I can't find it :(

ClintandGina said...

i so enjoyed this post. You are such a good aunt. Switcharoo weekends sound awesome!!!!!!!