Wednesday, February 04, 2009

2009 Goal

Not a resolution, a goal. And it very well take much longer than just 1 year I suspect. This may just be a lifetime goal where I take a step or two forward and a few back :).


If you've read my blog at all, you've probably noticed a bit of trend regarding me putting up walls, keeping walls up, being an island, pride in self-sufficiency, not asking for get the gist. I've realized that my stand-offishness is not just 'who I am', but something that needs to be remedied. It certainly protects me from quite a bit of hurt, drama, and messiness, but it also seals me off from truly relating to people. I am able to stand outside of most circumstances and offer advice or strength when others need it, but do I ever truly empathize with people? Do I ever truly relate? I even tend to stand outside of my own circumstances and events! My God is a God of Love and Relationship, why do I assume He would want anything differently from my own journey?

I won't be able to step on a scale to see quantifiable results with this goal, but I do hope, and pray, that I see relational results.


ClintandGina said...

Thanks for sharing your heart and goal. I must tell you that I have seen a ton of growth in you in this area since I met you......4 years ago! I always enjoy my time with you and have truly enjoyed the chances we have had to talk. You even gave a man the opportunity to love you for the rest of you life.......the Andria I met 4 years ago was far from letting anyone in! SO, just to encourage, you are growing, but I encourage you in your quest to grow even more. If we could all only be so transparent. Love you girl! Gina

kristyo15 said...

Ohhh, love the new look! :) Good job!

The Synnott's said...

love the new look! cant wait to catch up with you!

Tracy said...

You had a lifetime of hurts in only a short period of time. It's understandable that you would want to keep your "walls" up, as I have done the same thing, But with walls up , you cant see the beauty around you. You have a great man to protect and love you now. Shine!!! Break those walls down!!
Love you very much,
Your sis,