Wednesday, October 29, 2008

um, tagged...again

So It's a bit embarrassing that I have had nothing to say since my last 'tagged' post, and here I am, 'tagged' again. I'll try to be more interesting this month :).

Here goes, "7 bet you never knew this about me things":

1. I cannot stand being late. And late to me = on time. I realize this isn't too strange, but I get incredibly anxious/nervous/shaky/high strung if I even think there is a possibility of being late or the thought of someone waiting on me.

2. I do not enjoy details. If I say something and it isn't clear to the other person, I simply repeat what I just said in a somewhat (ok, more than somewhat) frustrated tone. Right, that's helpful. I'm sure they are only trying to bother me by asking for more details or clarification :).

3. I have invented a pretty fool-proof no-crying method, but it's mine and it wouldn't be tricky if you knew how I do it.

4. Reece says I could trademark my 'looks'. His personal favorite (and the way he describes it): the i-am-not-mad-at-you-merely-confused-and-my confused-face-looks-angry-to-those-that-do-not-realize-this-is-merely-my-confused-look.

5. I'm not a huge fan of raw meat. By not a huge fan, I mean I follow my husband around with antibacterial/bleach cleaner to make sure he doesn't inadvertently touch something (cabinets, etc) other than the raw meat while we're cooking. He thinks it's funny, I think it's very very serious.

6. I am an oxymoron. While I do not enjoy details, I turn into planning NAZI (including original plans, contingent plans, and contingent contingent plans) when parties, showers, or any entertaining type event is at hand.

7. I talk to myself a lot. Actually, I talk to inanimate objects more often than I talk to myself. For instance, last night I encouraged the radio to play better songs and this morning I asked my sweater to stop being so linty. Right.


Tammy said...

hee hee

Sam said...

double hee hee