Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tucker v opossum - round 2

Last night Tucker was begging to go outside - whining, pacing - the whole bit. So...I go downstairs and open the door. The next thing I see is my dog scaling the back fence. I mean it people - think Air Bud. First I think - why in the world is my dog jumping over the fence to run away!? No. He was not trying to run away. He was after an opossum. Not only after an opossum, but was very successful in his pursuit. He grabbed the poor thing from the top (yes TOP) of the fence and brought him down to the ground giving him a few good shakes. I am screaming (blood curdling) at Tucker to drop the opossum at this point and Reece comes running down the stairs. He tears out across the back area to grab Tucker, but Tucker isn't willing to let go of his prize that easily. He finally drops the opossum - starts towards the back door - then back to the opossum. I am of course still screaming and Reece is again after Tucker. We get the crazy opossum thirsty dog back inside and of course the opossum plays dead. Which of course I think means the opossum is dead. After a bit of water is sprayed on the poor guy (he hadn't had enough torture yet) - he comes to his opossum senses w/ no visible injuries.

Tucker spent the night stalking the back door to try and find his opossum again.

I tried to explain to my dog that we like opossums and have no reason to hurt them, but he was just happily dancing at me with his teddy bear eyes. I don't think he got it.

**Picture of sweet & innocent teddy bear Tucker coming soon**

Round 1 was about a year ago. Thank goodness both times the opossum (with a little help from Reece) prevailed!

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